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Sagittarius, sun lover, island hopper and your spiritual design bestie! I’m Ellie and I’m passionate about creating stunning websites for spiritual entrepreneurs just like you, so you can grow your business, raise your prices and make the money you’ve been manifesting. By combining my love for design, business development, travel and spirituality I’ve created my dream business and I wake up everyday excited to help you do the same through strategic web design.

Let's make magic!

About my story

My story starts as a tiny little creative child growing up in the english countryside. I spent my childhood drawing, painting and writing. I was always creating new worlds in my head and my imagination was wildly overactive. From a young age I knew I could never be a 9-5 girly, that I couldn't be told what to do and that I needed to be creative everyday in order to feel truly satisfied in my life. 

As I got older my wanderlust started to grow and I found myself scrambling my pennes together to backpack Vietnam or roam around Europe for a summer. My desire to see the world was only growing; the more I saw the more I wanted to see, and small trips just wasn't cutting it anymore, I wanted to immerse myself in new cultures.

But first I decided to study, and one year, while I was still studying for my photography degree, I stumbled across the term 'manifestation' I believe while listening to a podcast, I'd never heard it before, and little did I know it would open the door to a whole new world I didn't even know I needed. I spent hours on hours deep diving into the world of manifesting, law of attraction, magic, crystals, tarot, and everything I could find possibly find on modern spirituality. I had finally found something that excited me, a way of life that I'd been looking for, a way to connect to the universe that I had been so lost without.

After I finished my degree, I was broke, unsure of my path but determined to create a life I woke up everyday excited for. I had to move back in with my parents, get a retail job and start saving a pennies to embark on my next adventure.

 SPOILER ALERT: That adventure didn't happen due to a certain pandemic we all endured during 2020, I was gutted but I knew I had to trust the process, trust the Universe! and just as divine timing never fails, it was as I was in the car, after flying 21 hours home for a 2 week trip that was supposed to last a year, that I discovered the online space you and I reside in currently. 

If I wasn't able to travel that year I was sure as sh*t going to build an online business that would allow me too as soon as the borders opened back up. I got to work building my business, my digital nomad dream, my laptop lifestyle and where else to start in this world than as a Virtual Assistant. 

I spent years working with spiritual entrepreneurs in the behind-the-scenes areas of their businesses, helping them build out sales pages, online courses, writing copy, curating instagram posts and designing everything that came along with it. I loved working in this space and over time I really honed in on the elements of this work I loved, design! Specifically web design! I loved creating the beautiful, aligned visuals, incorporating tried and tested strategy and all the while allowing spiritual businesses to create more success and ultimately more revenue. 

I slowly pivoted to the business you see today, my spiritual web design business that allows me the creativity and freedom I always wanted, while working with people I truly value and admire. I honestly feel so lucky and honoured to be able to wake up every day and serve spiritual entrepreneurs, help create growth and revenue in their businesses and feel totally aligned while doing it.

Let's make magic!

Creativity + Wonderlust + Spirituality = Venus & Nectar

My journey...


Baby Ellie was born in a hospital in a small town in the UK



I graduated from my degree in Photography where I discovered my love for all things spiritual.


My traveling dreams got cut short but my business dreams got kickstarted, I worked on other peoples businesses until I found my true calling

I spent my childhood creating anything and everything, I was the energetic little kid who just wanted to explore, write stories, draw pictures and understand more about the world ( while also creating my own).


I run my own spiritual design studio, combining all of my loves and have never been happier

Quick Facts

I love a good true crime documentary! Not the most spiritually conducive interest I know, but I can't help it. The human mind is so fascinating to me, I love to deep dive into how and why some people do they the things they do. Although it's definitely an interest I dip in and out of, I gotta protect the old mental health (no late night watching for me)!

When I'm not travelling or spending time at home with my family, I'm in Bali, my favourite place in the world. I first visited Bali in 2022 and I just can't stay away. I love the culture, the people, the food, the weather, the island life. It such a beautiful, spiritual island and I would truly recommend visiting if you can. If you're looking for me, I'm probably in Bali!

I'm a keen tattoo collector, I've lost count of how many I have but I love adorning my skin with artwork from artists from all over the world. Some of my tattoos have a deep meaning, some I just think look nice, but it's become a real love of mine, and getting tattooed feels like a form of self care to me now !




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